The subject of activity of the PMC “MAR” is a private military activity.

The aim of the Company is to profit from the provision of private military services.

To achieve this goal the Company carries out the following activities:

  • Investigations and security;
  • Technical protection;
  • The protection of individuals;
  • Protection of motor trucks and other vehicles;
  • Protection of oil and gas pipelines, oil platforms, refineries for refining.
  • Escort and support of important cargo;
  • Protection of critical facilities, civil airports, sea ports in areas of high terrorist activity;
  • Security operations in areas with unstable political situation;
  • Assistance in maintaining public order in emergency situations;
  • Assistance in compliance with public order during mass events
  • Gathering, preparing and sharing information on various events, bearing a mass character;
  • Protection of important state interest;
  • Armed escort and protect ships from pirates;
  • Competitive intelligence,
  • The military services consulting
  • Intelligence activities;
  • Assisting citizens in transportation and transportation: natural disaster hotspots, hostilities, armed conflicts;
  • Assisting in the organization of humanitarian aid, humanitarian corridor for the victims;
  • Assist government enforcement agencies;
  • Legal and legal support;
  • Advising and making recommendations to clients on the legal protection against illegal encroachments;
  • The unique specialized seminars, practical courses for employees of the security and paramilitary units;
  • Design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems;
  • Advising on the issues of commercial activity and management;
  • Other retail sale in specialized stores;
  • The creation and use of databases and information resources;
  • Other wholesale;
  • The provision of other services;